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Elegant, organized and sustainable

People- and environment-friendly Zeology-Leather

Basil Black Light Gold Women's Shoulder Strap Full Grain Zeology-Leather

  • Perfect accessory for the Sylvie, Nova Lilou and the Christina
  • To give your back a little extra spice!
  • Removable shoulderstrap
  • Chain details
  • Length: 100 cm, width: 4,5 cm
  • Can be worn as a shoulderstrap or crossbody

Elegant and classy, the Basil. Whether you use this strap with a new model or an older one, your bag is immediately transformed into a completely new look. The strap has a maximum length of 100 cm and the perfect fit for our Sylvie, Nova Lilou and the Christina. Click here to view the Sylvie and here for the Christina or the Nova Lilou.

All you need to know about the Basil:

  • Style: shoulder strap
  • Length: 100 cm
  • Leather width: 4.5 cm
  • Chain width: 3.5 cm
  • Season: Timeless
  • Before use, treat the bag with a waterproof leather spray. Always read the packaging for proper use of the spray.
  • For the best results, spray the bag every three months with the waterproof leather spray. This not only ensures that the bag is waterproof but also cleans and nourishes the bag in one treatment. Regular use ensures that the leather remains in the best condition.
  • Avoid contact with rough objects. In this way, you prevent scratches on the leather.
  • Always wear your dark accessory with dark clothing to prevent the color transfer from your clothes to the accessory or the other way around. And for the lighter accessory, always wear it with light clothing.
  • Avoid long contact with water and be careful that it can increase moisture, color transfer, and bleeding on clothing. Did the bag get wet? Then we recommend that you pat the bag dry with a cloth and hang it to let it dry.

Material: 100% high quality full grain Zeology-Leather cow leather
Hardware: Nickle & lead free
Lining: 60% polyester & 40% viscose

Zeology-Leather is real, natural leather that is certified, free from harmful substances and consists of circular chemistry. By using the right materials and making improvements in the process we take huge steps in minimizing our footprint. The leather maintains a consistent and superior quality. Click here if you'd like to know more on zeology-leather

For the crocodile print, a board with the crocodile pattern has been placed on the cow skin and pressed so that the crocodile print is pressed into the cow skin. A special coating has been used for the glossy, lacquer look.

Basil Black Light Gold Women's Shoulder Strap Full Grain Zeology-Leather



  • The straps come with a dust bag
  • Removable shoulder strap with locking loops
  • The strap can be carried as a crossbody bag or over the shoulder


  • Sometimes you want something different
  • Give your bag a different, but still elegant & stylish look
  • For every mood a different outfit, right? That means that you can fit your bag to the outfit of the mood of the day in just a couple of clicks! Change your regular strap for the Basil and spice your bag up with this beautiful shoulder strap.