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We at Ted Louise believe in good quality products that support you every step of the way. We use high-quality full grain cow skin that is carefully picked in Belgium to make our leather products. Cow skin is made as a by-product of the food industry. Full grain leather is the very best quality leather available. It is strong, durable, breathable and initially stiff when using. Each skin has its own unique texture and grain. It is a strong and tear-resistant material and the more you use the bag, the better the leather becomes. The saying is that the leather comes to “life” the more you wear it. The leather becomes more flexible and it continues to look good. 

The best quality

Full grain leather

The best quality leather made of cowskins, which emphasizes the natural texture of leather. Duo to the minimal processing, the authentic and natural texture has been preserved.

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Full grain leather

Croco print leather

On large cow skins an “embossage” with a croco pattern has been applied. The quality of the leather is full grain. De “embossage” gives the leather the perfect look and feel of a crocodile skin.

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