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Ted Louise is the first brand in Europe with a stylish women's bag of Zeology-Leather More info

Be the first with a truly sustainable bag More info

Be the first with a truly sustainable bag.

Zeology-Leather: The most sustainable leather ever.

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Ted Louise is on a mission: making a revolutionary change in the leather industry.

At Ted Louise we are always looking for ways to improve our products and it is clear that there needs to be a change in the leather industry.

We discovered a way that is revolutionary and is so completely new, that we are the first leather bag brand in Europa that is making a complete collection with this leather. It is called Zeology-Leather! Zeolog-Leather is leather tanned with Zeology, a game-changing tanning agent based on zeolites
and free of chrome, aldehyde and heavy metals. Zeology-Leather is real, natural leather that is certified free from harmful substances and consists of circular chemistry. This makes the leather in your shoe, bag, or lounge chair compostable and biodegradable. You can even return it to the earth.

It is time for a revolution.

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Meet the latest revolution in the leather industry

Zeology-Leather: The most sustainable leather ever.

First, we need to explain a bit about leather. In itself, leather is a sustainable product by origin because it is a by-product of the leather industry. If we would not use the leather skins they would most likely end up in a landfill.

Unfortunately, not all regular leather tanning methods are not very environmental and people friendly. But did you know that by using the right chemicals, we can leather circular and compostable. This means that you can give your leather products back to the earth! Yes, you read that right. This was something we could only dream of years ago. And how is this possible? Zeology-Leather makes this possible.

By using the right materials and making improvements in the process we take huge steps in minimizing our footprint.

Do you want to read more about Zeology-Leather?
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